Bordeaux Vins Selection: 2015, A Great Vintage

We’ve just received the 2015 Vintage Report from Bordeaux Vins Selection and are pleased to share a summary and some of the comments from the growers and winemakers regarding this exceptional vintage.

BVS is a wine négociant created in 1999 by Hubert de Bouard, owner of Chateau Angelus and La Fleur de Bouard and Bernard Pujol former manager of Chateau Pape Clement. They specialize in the Grands Crus from Bordeaux – both en Primeurs and in older vintages – distributing more than 250 Grands Crus from Bordeaux, and have also developed a range of “Petits Chateaux”.

2015 showed perfect climatic conditions throughout the entire season. It began in the spring with warm temperatures more typical of summer weather. Perfectly consistent and quick flowering from May to June was facilitated by a sunny June with little rain. As a result the beginning of summer revealed perfectly formed and spaced bunches of grapes throughout the vineyards.

The summer continued hot and dry with 26 days above 25 degrees Celcius, and one stretch of 15 consecutive days at 30-35 degrees which caused some concern for nothing to be left at harvest except ‘raisins secs’ left to pick. But, August came to the rescue just in time with some rainy periods. September and October had normal levels of sun and rainfall, which after the slow down in the vineyard that began in July and the replenishing rains of August, allowed the grapes a final, slow and full maturity and an un-rushed harvest.

Experts are using the words ‘harmony’, ‘elegance’ and ‘balance’ to describe this vintage, with talk of a ‘rich and fleshy’ merlot and ‘silky and noble’ cabernet sauvignon.

Here are some quotes from the Growers & Winemakers:

Daniel Cathiard (Owner of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte)“We are very optimistic. The harvest was a dream, pefectly long and we were never forced to rush…….what is certain is that it will be amongst the great Bordeaux vintages”.

Pierre Graffeuille (Director of Domaines Delon)“The flowering and veraison, being consistent and very quick, give an indication that it is a great vintage…….we can find the power, elegance and taste of the great Bordeaux vintages both in Pomerol and the Medoc and we are delighted.”

Bernard Magrez (Vignobles Bernard Magrez)“An ideal vintage on every level from the flowering to the harvest. It will be a good-to-very good vintage and the style should be one which the consumer will appreciate – that is to say, elegance, roundness, nobility.”

Michel Rolland (Consultant Winemaker)“As ever, it is the climate which determines the quality of the grpaes and hence the wines. The blend will be easy because all the varieties are excellent. This is the type of vintage which wine-makers love.”

Alain Vauthier (Owner of Chateau Ausone) “A certain style is already evident for this vintage – roundness and suppleness without any austerity or aggressiveness. Everything was very easy – we would wish to have the same vintage very year.