Rooftop Buying Guide for 2009 LDB Bordeaux Release

The LDB is releasing its 2009 Bordeaux purchases this Saturday (September 29th).Details on the release (including the stores where the wines will be available) can be found here.

2009 is a celebrated vintage and the wines will be in hot demand.  So, to help you shop I have put together a quick guide of my recommended purchases from the LDB Bordeaux catalogue (which you can find here).

I tasted most of the wines in barrel at en primeur in 2010 and, in many cases, again out of bottle over the last couple of years.  I have identified the ‘big boys’ I think you should buy – which are what I believe to be the best wines of the vintage.  I have also identified some ‘value selections’ that will out-perform for the money you will spend on them.  I have left  1st growths off the list – you do not need me to tell you that Lafite, Latour, Margaux, etc. are great in a vintage like 2009.

Also, please note that my strong personal recommendation is that you do not purchase current vintage Bordeaux.  My recommendation is to purchase Bordeaux wines once they are mature (~10 years old).  This is because many of the wines recommended below will probably be enjoyed by your children – given how long they will need to age before they are at their peak. . .  If you are interested in mature wines contact me and I can help you acquire some at prices not much more than the 2009’s are being offered at. . .  But if you must buy wines from the 2009 vintage now – here is what I recommend.

The ‘Big Boys’

Ch. Troplong MondotSt. Emilion – $350:  This is the wine of the vintage – hands down.  Simply sexy.

Ch. Haut-BaillyPessac-Leognan – $259.00:  For me almost as good as the Troplong.  Amazing.

Ch. Leoville-BartonSt. Julien – $178: Always an over-performer and the family keeps the price down so that (some) people can still buy it.

Ch. Rauzan-SeglaMargaux – $170:  By far the best Margaux of the vintage and it won’t break the bank.

Ch. Branaire-Ducru St. Julien – $150:  Had multiple chances to taste this wine and came away more impressed every time.  This will not disappoint.

Ch. SuduirautSauternes – $75: This wine is incredible.  One of the best I have tasted.  Its expensive at $75 a half bottle – but buy some, buy some more and then buy more.

Value Wines

Ch. Rol-ValentinSt. Emilion – $75: A value at $75? Unfortunately, with Bordeaux prices sky-rocketing, this statement is true.  Price aside – this is a great wine.  Super elegant and sexy.

Ch. La Tour Figeac St. Emilion – $60:  I love this wine and I am glad the price is still affordable.  I am still drinking my 1999’s and they are stellar.  Some of this will end up in my cellar.

Ch. CarbonnieuxPessac-Leognan – $68:  I still remember the first time I tried this wine.  I was blown away.  I went back three times to make sure that I was not mistaken.  This is very. very good.  I will be buying some for myself.

Ch. Chasse-SpleenHaut-Medoc – $50:  This was the star of the Haut-Medoc tasting.  A touch more expensive than normal – but still reasonably priced.

There were a number of wines that I felt showed well in 2009 that were not purchased by the LDB.  They included: Ch. Faugeres, Ch. Fleur Cardinale, Ch. Fonplegade, Ch. Barde Haut, Ch. Fleur-Gay, Ch. La Clemence, Ch. de Fieuzal, Ch. Ferriere, Ch. La Tour Carnet, and Ch. De Fargues (Sauternes), among others.

If you are interested in getting any of those wines or you miss out on any 2009s you wanted to get – be sure to contact me and I will be happy to special order them for you.

To see my full notes from the 2009 tastings follow the links below:

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