Ch. Angelus Tasting

This was an odd tasting.  It was held at Ch. Angelus in St. Emilion and it included all of the wines from around the world that are associated with the owners of Chateau Angelus including Anwilka (South Africa), Bodega Ostatu (Spain) and Gran Monte (Thailand).  I focused on the Bordeaux wines – but I can’t help but comment that the similarities among all of these wines was stunning – it would be hard to leave this tasting and refute that fact that there is definitely an international style developing as a result of international wine consultants  – many of whom originate form Bordeaux.

There were a few wines at this tasting that really stood out.  In particular the two wines from the Graves:  Ch. Chategrive and Ch. de FieuzalChategrive is often a great value wine in good vintages and this year is no exception.  It was quite dense with an aromatic nose and ripe fruit – but it had surprising structure for Chantegrive that will allow it to age like a Grand Cru Clasee.  Ch. de Fieuzal was excellent as well – but is probably not going to be worth the extra price paid because of its Grand Cru Classe status.  I would rank it in the same quality level as the Ch. Chantegrive.

The two St. Emilion Grand Cru Classe’s were excellent as well.  Ch. Bellevue was surprisingly good with lots and lots of structure for a Merlot based wine but with great balance.  The Ch. Angelus while not as good in previous vintages (where it may have been one of the best wines) was stunningly well balanced with huge tannins.  Although, the finish was a touch shorter than would be expected.  These two wines were much more restrained and balanced than the Grand Cru Classe that I tasted at Le Cercle Rive Droite tasting.